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Toward Anarchy Archive May 2022

Archive / 2022

May 1st
Andy Nason is host of the History of Africa podcast and my guest for a converstation. Why is it important for everyone to understand African history. What part have Colonialism and exploitation played in the economics and development of Africa? Plus my usual rantings and ravings about hypocrites and thieves, you call them government.

May 8th
Joshua Longbrook is host of Our Foundations Podcast he visits for a conversation about Anarchy and Theology, we'll touch on Historical, Political and Social Cycles and some of theory regarding how and why these cycles repeat.

May 15th
Author Gregory V. Diehl is my guest for a conversation about his book Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World.

May 22nd
Author and Researcher Michael Howell is a great friend of truth and liberty. His books dissect the New World Order agenda, the banker scam, and the de-facto shadow government they have entrenched around the so-called elected democratic government. He's back to chat with me about much more complicated and scary ideas, economics and common sense.

May 29th
Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is Evolving the Species, helping people heal and grow through connecting body and mind. The doctor is in and the conversation is Waring for Peace.

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