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November 20th - Property 101

Not entirely sure how so many can be listening and so few hear, so it's back to basic kids. Class today is Property (and Property Rights) 101 a Practical and Moral Guide to Learning to Keep Your Hands Off Other People's Shi!


The Federal Reserve announces Digital Dollar Pilot Program with the goal of replacing the physical dollar with a digital currency. This is one of the final steps to total control of the planet's population by the bankers and the globalists. The introduction of a federal digital currency will slowly, naturally, cause the use of physical dollars to fall out of use eventually leaving a digital panopticon of control when coupled with a social score and a growing socialist world.

Mom and Dad are out, right along with blind-spot and tribe. Dr Phil introduces us to the people who want to cancle words and some of the problematic words and phrases we use without realizing their potentially offensive meanings and underpinnings.
November 20th - Property 101

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

November 13th - Voting

Sum up democracy in two words, Popularity Contest. Midterm Elections have concluded and they prove the voting popularity contest is a pointless endeavor that props up a corrupt system of Ne'er-do-wells and self-deluded fools. That's the nice way of saying criminals and morons.


Does putting on a fake smile improve your real mood?

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November 13th - Voting

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