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July 18th
The verdict is in, Not Guilty on two charges, Guilty on the last. So, what now? Should I appeal or should I move on and be content with knowing I fought and got the best expected outcome given the fact that I was facing the "State" (City actually)? No matter what, I'm suing in Civil court now that the Criminal Action is ended..


White House admits Flagging Facebook Posts as part of an effort to censor alternative views and information on Covid-19.

New study shows most harmful greenhouse emissions come from a 'handful' of the world's urban centers, most of those in China.

July 11th
Lou Sander is an activist and voice for liberty and he's one of those Extremists Facebook has been warning you about. Lou is a promoter and a former organizer for The Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival. His past adventures include being host of the Freedom Feens and the Lou Sander Programs.


Because it was mentioned several times last week here is the Mycoplasma information Lauren was talking about, thanks to Chris, Not Their Real Name.

Facebook is labeling your friends and the pages you interact with as extremist. New warnings began popping up late this week all through the circles I run in.

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