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April 18th
Erin and Kingsley are the creators behind Flote. Flote is a social media platform dedicated to free speech and open expression. We'll discuss the platform and the special features it offers and look into the future to find out if free speech even still exists.


As I promised last week, here is the article from GoDaddy about claiming your online and social media identity and why now is as good a time as any to get going on it.

Have we gone from American Dream to American Nightmare? Tyler thinks the oligarchy has destroyed any chance of it for most.

April 11th
Bradley Thomas is an economist and a commentator and an author. He regularly contributes to the great libertarian and Austrian School websites from to Lew Rockwell. Bradley created his own digital playground to spread Anarchy called Erase the State. Did I forget to metion that this educated, well spoken, respected contributor to modern political thought is an Anarchist?


Shane and our good friends over at LUAP have really appreciated the attention the show pays to them and the creators they support so they've hooked us up with a deal just for our listeners, use the coupon code "STORM" for a 15% discount!

It's Time to Make Defense of Self and Property The Law according to Cory Morgan. I share this because the description of the treatment of people who defend themselves and their property as criminasl is something I am very famliar with.

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