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May 15th - Gregory V. Diehl

Author Gregory V. Diehl is my guest for a conversation about his book Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World.


Following up on a topic I revisited a couple weeks back is another article about the push to end passwords in favor of bio-digital-ID, with Apple, Microsoft and Google agreeing to work together to implement the standard created by FIDO to use a single digital device for all your digital access bringing us closer to a de-facto social credit system and controlled access.

I thought you'd get a kick out of this look at the Symbolism of Freemasonry. The worlds oldest "fraternal" organization has a lot of symbols, gestures, and hidden messages. These are the technical truths behind them, I'll leave the speculation and inferences to you.
May 15th - Gregory V. Diehl

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

May 8th - Joshua Longbrook

Joshua Longbrook is host of Our Foundations Podcast he visits for a conversation about Anarchy and Theology, we'll touch on Historical, Political and Social Cycles and some of theory regarding how and why these cycles repeat.


What is the real threat of Cyber Security attacks on US infrastructure and private industry? It's grim, hacking is not simply nerds in mommy's basement with too much free time on their hands, hacking is big business and Governments are great at it.

Dream Hacking, the goal of authoritarians and advertisers for many years, and a wide-awake nightmare reality of more programmed zombies and digital slaves.
May 8th - Joshua Longbrook

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