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June 20th
Author John Zerzan is an Anarcho-Primitivist and my guest for a conversation about his book When We Are Human Notes From the Age of Pandemics, his call to action to 'rethink modern society'.


White House mouthpiece Axios reports on Biden's National Domestic Terrorism Strategy, I point it out because I'm on record early this year pointing out that, as COVID-19 related fears subside, specfically domestic terrorism will become the new narrative.

I've been talking for several weeks about and considering the constant drive for revlevance in an idea and people packed world. Now here comes The Atlantic looking at how it's impossible to avoid the 'Attention Economy'.

June 13th
Back by popular demand, You! You are my guest today, I'll take your calls, questions, comments, LIVE! Call 512.248.8252 and producer Sam will handle the rest.


Rising prices, low inventories and high demands have caused a 'perfect storm' of post pandemic recovery conditions and it makes me wonder if that wasn't the bigger plan given years of talk about curbing western consumerism by limiting resources and products and overall availability of the same.

Because of the claim that intramuscular injection is not an injection into the bloodstream, I have to share this from Healthline which simply states that it is.

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