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November 28th
Facilitator and Healer Dr. Dean Lloyd returns to the show to talk about Expecting the Unexpected. My life is defined by the idea of expecting the unexpected, or at least Accepting the Unexpected. And, I will frame what should be the anarchist position on intellectual property.


According to MAD Magazine here are 37 Insane Conspiracy Theories the Internet Believes. The real conspiracy here is that MAD Magazine is still relevant. I get to say this as a subscriber, a magazine merchandizer and comic book peddler.

Washington Times says the Capital Gains Tax is one of the Worse Human Inventions. They had me at "tax", now all they need to do is realize the destructive power of taxation across the board.

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

November 21st
The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict almost makes you think the system works, almost. The Right of Self-Defense was reaffirmed live for the world to see. He never should have been charged. It should not have been national news. The left wanted to showcase a white guy with a gun getting his just deserts and almost entirely ignored the black guy acquitted the same day of shooting home invaders in uniform. Goes against the narrative that self-defense is valid and warranted under ANY assault.


Hollywood has a lot to say about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and I'm willing to be that most of it is bad, ill-informed and generally nothing more than leftist bullshit. We'll take a look together.

New CDC Data suggests 60% of the US population has reduced protection against COVID. oddly enough, that number reflects the number I have claimed is more close to the real vaccinated rate. But, that's not the kicker, that's in the language they use to confuse the issue.

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