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October 25th
Bradley Thomas returns to the show we'll cover a lot including how the truth about police and policing can be found in the numbers


Bradley Thomas: 80% of Criminal Charges are filed for Midemeanors. An example of the state using crime as an excuse to generate revenue.

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell Lays Out The Key Reasons Why They Are Moving Toward A Digital Dollar.

October 18th
Jason Bassler co-founder of The Free Thought Project is my guest for a conversation about Social Media Censorship


Following on the article from a couple weeks ago about racist cops, here are some Neo-Nazi groups recruiting former military to anger you this week.

Five Finger Death Punch, the Boy Band for Statists, Living the Dream Video is a Right Wing Call to Arms.


Author Matthew Wojtecki Author of Brushfire
Foster Gamble
Ram Denison Director Money Machine


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