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March 7th
Christopher J Kalkbrenner is an Anarchist author in the pre-publishing stages of his novel The Stand of Defiance to be released by Liberty Under Attack Publications. We'll chat about the book and the process.


Food prices are rising globally and gas is up as well both problems will compound and feed each other for some time to come.

Just as government is the best advertisment for anarchy Public Schools are the best advertisement for Homeschooling and Private Education.

February 28th
Dr. Erec Smith is my guest for a conversation. Dr Smith is Associate Professor of Rhetoric at the York College of Pennsylvania. I'll ask him about his Professorship as it relates to one of the underpinnings of this show and my own desire for honest productive language.


I came across this wonderful piece on classic liberalism and the line dividing Black America written by Dr Smith for

A blast from the past for anyone still on the fence about vaccines or the Medi-Pharma industry in the form of this piece form 2008 by the NY Times about Phizer and their manipulations from testing to data collection to dissemination.


Musician Jamie Brown
Dayna Martin

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