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Coming up on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

September 19th
Dr. Dean Lloyd is back to begin our deeper look at Cruising the Epiphany Highway, a guide to physical and mental health and healing.


Megatdeth's Dave Mustaine says Mask Mandates are Tyranny. This is great because I really think of Dave as a boot licker and flag waver. The political shift we are experiencing is odd, funny, and a bit scary.

General Milley sells out the President and the entire Nation. as details of his sabotage and relationship with the Chinese come to light at one point telling them he would warn them if the Trump and his military were planning anything militarily against them.

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

September 12th
Chris Garcia Phsychic Medium returns to the show and this time he talks to you. For listeners of the live show you can call 512.248.8252 and speak directly with Chris. He'll answer your questions about himself, his process, his beliefs, or you could receive a reading!


The rise of Economic Fascism in America, is nothing new It was practiced in many socialist states before it. Germany and Italy come to mind, you know, the guys who started World War II.

The questions around 9/11 still exist at every level. This British Family just submitted 3,000 pages of evidence they claim proves the towers were blown up from the inside, that it was murder and a cover-up?

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