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November 29th
Rachel Nielsen is back, we'll catch up and talk about Covid, 2020 rage, and her perspective as a health care professional and anarchist.


If you're so inclined, help me fund the website and spread the word about the show at the same time. Lots of different options and a range of prices and quality to choose from.

Vanity Fair: Gina Carano (Cara Dune on The Mandalorian) Fan Backlash Over Right-Wing Political Positions.

November 22nd
After weeks of huge guests, thousands of visitors to the website, and uncounted/uncountable listeners tuning in across the world I figured I would screw it all up with a solo show about things I geek on.


Ticketmaster In Damage Control Mode, Scrambles to Clarify Their Developing Vaccination Requirement to Attend Their Events

WHO Says Vaccine Wont Help Countries Fend Off Current Wave of Infections. A Reall No Shit Moment


Author Sean Leal - Consent is Morality
Jackie Kerouac - Road to Autonomy Magazine
Sherry Voluntary - She's Just this Chic Who Loves Freedom
Craig Harguess - Christian Anarchy

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