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May 29th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is Evolving the Species, helping people heal and grow through connecting body and mind. The doctor is in and the conversation is Waring for Peace.


Rich white guys including the Devil-Nerd himself Bill Gates Gamed Monkeypox Last Year and the timeline matches up with what is happening this year.

As disclosure and analysis of UAP data continues to be reviewed the US Military has collected nearly 400 UFO Incident Reports.
May 29th - Dr. Dean Lloyd

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

May 22nd - Michael Howell

Author and Researcher Michael Howell is a great friend of truth and liberty. His books dissect the New World Order agenda, the banker scam, and the de-facto shadow government they have entrenched around the so-called elected democratic government. He's back to chat with me about much more complicated and scary ideas, economics and common sense.


Here is a look at what the mainstream thoughts are on the questions What constitutes wealth, and what does it mean to be wealthy? Is there any chance this is an honest economic view? Or, can we just assume it's politically motivated socialist drivel? Drumroll please! And the winner is, truth wrapped up in an advertisement. Ta-Da!

Video Games make you smarter, something I've known since I was a child is now proven (again) by another scientific study. This study reached across lines of race and class to conlcude Gaming improves Intelligence in Children.
May 22nd - Michael Howell

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