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March 19th - Spring Cleaning

Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is evolving the species, helping us through the growing and healing processes by connecting body mind and spirit. He joins us just in time for the start of spring and he's going to help us with a little personal spring cleaning project, cleaning up your act with Dr. Dean Lloyd. Join the conversation via chat at the link below or call 512-248-8252 if you'd like to speak with Dr. Lloyd personally.


Get your copy of Cruising the Epiphany Highway, and follow along as we make our way through it.

Find out more about Dr. Lloyd and his work on Evolving the Species
March 19th - Spring Cleaning

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

March 12th - Banking Busted

Fractional Reserve Banking is busted and the only thing the system knows how to do is keep digging the hole deeper. As the economy continues to collapse we'll see more manipulations leading to greater strife in employment and events like Silicon Valley Bank's failure. The criminals and morons in DC either don't understand the necessity and nature of the market to purge mal-investments or they count on those failures to maintain their power over the people and the economy. I'll wager 32 trillion it is the latter.


Possibly proving great minds think alike, Doug French, President Emeritus of the Mises Institute and I came up with the same Rothbard quote when addressing the Silicon Valley Bank failure.

Is the economy as good as we're being led to believe? Of course not. All the so called positive growth in the economy and employment are hollow and short lived because the policies that created the driving negative factors have not changed. Ryan McMaken provides an analysis of the data and the picture the numbers paint is bleak and offers little hope for an easy solution.
March 12th - Banking Busted

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