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July 3rd - Stephan Kinsella

Anarchist, Author, Lawyer, Electrical Engineer, Stephan Kinsella discusses the Economics and Morality of Intellectual Property with me. We'll get into the value, subjective and objective, of Crypto-Currencies, NFTs and other Digital things.


Advancements in DNA over the last twenty years have changed our preception of how and where species of seemingly similar evolution and proximity are often not related at all and developed their various traits independent of each other. This article introduces us to those changes.

I'm not sure what, if anything, it means, but a rocked crashed into the moon and nobody seems to know exactly where it came from. A Chinese rocket launched in 2014 and previously labled as burnt up is the primary suspect, but it could just be more Project Blue Beam in action.
July 3rd - Stephan Kinsella

Last time on the Toward Anarchy Radio Show / Podcast.

June 26th - Lou Sander Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

Lou Sander returns to the show to promote the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest. This year's festival takes place July 21st through July 25th on 76 acres of private property not far from flint Michigan. Come join in the food and fun and four days of camping and connecting with freedom lovers.


There are a number of different ways to improve memory and the best are diet, recitation, repetition and association construction or creating a "memory space". This article explains the basic memory space construction practices as far back as the Greeks and Romans.

I mentioned briefly last week the sad fact that TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, is dismissed by the greater medical community. And further how using traditional and modern medicine creates better results in the health of patients and encourages them to participate in their healing and connect their mind and body to heal together as one. Well, here's an introduction to TCM and Understanding 5 Core Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
June 26th - Lou Sander Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

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