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Toward Anarchy May 8th

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Joshua Longbrook is host of Our Foundations Podcast he visits for a conversation about Anarchy and Theology, we'll touch on Historical, Political and Social Cycles and some of theory regarding how and why these cycles repeat.

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What is the real threat of Cyber Security attacks on US infrastructure and private industry? It's grim, hacking is not simply nerds in mommy's basement with too much free time on their hands, hacking is big business and Governments are great at it.

Dream Hacking, the goal of authoritarians and advertisers for many years, and a wide-awake nightmare reality of more programmed zombies and digital slaves.

Anarchy in Quotations

“The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market place of ideas - complicated, unsatisfying, full of dilemmas, always vulnerable to misinterpretation and abuse.” - George F. Kennan

Anarchy In Meme

Why bother with reality, the teacher knows best
Only Your Teacher Knows For Sure 

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