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Toward Anarchy May 1st

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Andy is host of the History of Africa podcast and my guest for a conversation. Why is it important for everyone to understand African history. What part have Colonialism and exploitation played in the economics and development of Africa? Plus my usual rantings and ravings about hypocrites and thieves, you call them government.

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You may have seen a reference to this on social media, I did before the article popped up. Funny how that seems to happen. New research on aphantasia proves on some level that intelligence can be seen in the eyes as it shows the inability to picture something in the mind can be seen in the person's pupils.

Rember me talking about Inclusive Capitalism? Early this morning I was browsing the usual trash social media and found a little gem. Inclusive An Orwellian nightmare of half-truths and misconceptions. Why does the general notion of good stewardship have to end in authoritarian controls and manipulation.

Anarchy in Quotations

“There is no such thing as a Warlord, just a bunch of cowards and scum who work for some guy and will carry out his vision.” - Me, I said it

Anarchy In Meme

It was always ok to wear your mask, it wasn't ok to make me wear one.
It wasn't ok to make me wear one. 

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