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Episodes / 2024

Toward Anarchy Episodes May 2024

May 4th - Joseph P Macolino

Joseph P Macolino is author of the Evorath trilogy, book three The Battle for Erathal is available now. Did I mention he is a Christian and an self-professed Anarchist? I Don't want to gloss over the important parts, I'm not the mainstream media.

May 11th - Anam Paiseanta

Anam Paiseanta is a Realestate Investor/Mentor, founding member of the Voluntarist MC (Motorcycle Club) and CEO of the Connector App. We chat about how the Connector App will help like minded people connect and network. While it was started with anarchists and voluntaryists in mind, Anam recognizes the power of the app to connect businesses, clubs, and other organizations, really anyone anywhere, with people who think and act within a similar mindset and morality. We also take some time to bash the Constitution and the "Rights" statists pretend they're protecting through participating in the political system.

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