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Toward Anarchy May 11th

Anam Paiseanta

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Anam Paiseanta is a Realestate Investor/Mentor, founding member of the Voluntarist MC (Motorcycle Club) and CEO of the Connector App. We chat about how the Connector App will help like minded people connect and network. While it was started with anarchists and voluntaryists in mind, Anam recognizes the power of the app to connect businesses, clubs, and other organizations, really anyone anywhere, with people who think and act within a similar mindset and morality. We also take some time to bash the Constitution and the "Rights" statists pretend they're protecting through participating in the political system.

Follow Anam and the development of the Connector App, respectively, on Instagram @AnamPaiseanta, @connector_app.

Visit the Connector App website to find out more about the App, the Token and the tech it's all built on.

Anarchist Audit: Trust The Science, Or Else!

Price controls didn't work 4,000 years ago so there is no reason to expcet that they'll work today... unless you are a politician or business man who is using the force of government to manipulate the market in your favor. When Will We Learn... To Not Let Them Get Away With It.

Are liberals smarter than conservatives? A Recent Study Makes The Claim That They Are, but how can they base this or any claim on a foundation of opinion and guesswork derived from limited sources? I don't know, but they do it all the time to sell division.

The word Science gets thrown around a lot these days, but so much of the so-called science is based on political or social opinions about questionably collected data. While I didn't get into it in the episode, I encourage you to look at an article like this and follow through on the links inside it to look at what they base their claim on when they say Families Are Already Suffering After Anti-Science Legislation. The first thing I noticed is the comparison of recent short-term average temperatures to long-term historical averages. The approach necessarily compares less data over a less time to greater data over a significantly longer period of time. I don't think that's how averages work. I'm pretty sure that a true average can only be reached by comparing the full data set and time lenght. When you're talking about small number differences in outcome, the larger the differences in the data sets that are compared, the greater the chance for missing data to offset the results.

Haven't had enough of manipulated statical data for the sake of scoring politcal points? Then you'll love this claim by the education secretary that Work From Home Parents are Causing More Absenteeism. It just doesn't follow and when you read the article you'll probably see why. Here's a hint, there's a lot of deflecting and gaslighting.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Real Socialism has never been tried in the same way that Real Capitalism has never been tried. The difference is, Almost Socialism resulted in the impverishment and death of hundreds of millions of people. While Almost Capitalism has lifted billions from absolute poverty.” - Mark Antro

Anarchy In Meme

Nothing to Lose
Nothing to Lose
-Dee Huez

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