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Toward Anarchy May 4th

Author Joseph P. Macolino

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Joseph P Macolino is author of the Evorath trilogy, book three The Battle for Erathal is available now. Did I mention he is a Christian and an self-professed Anarchist? I Don't want to gloss over the important parts, I'm not the mainstream media.

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Anarchist Audit: Down On The Corner, Out In The Street

Street activism is pretty much a waste of time. The latest occupation of public property by supporters of Palestine, a place they know nothing about and wouldn't care about if it wasn't being used a yet another political distraction, is just another example. It doesn't matter what side you're on when both sides are wrong and nobody is willing to admit it. Both sides claim to be on the right side of history but both sides use the same tools of force and coercion, the power of government, to achieve their social goals and then they both sit there wondering where it all went wrong and blaming the other when The System Protects Itself.

They want you to be afraid. It's easier to sell you socialist solutions and increasing government power and interventions when the people are kept in constant fear of losing their freedom. Why do I have to point out the irony of turning to government to protect your freedom... from government!? Luckily there are more reasonable people and positions to be found in politically charged topics like the earth's climate, and the good news is Climate Change Will Not End The World, though the political battle over it will probably kill just as many people as any other war.

Daily I see someone misrepresent or misunderstand AI. From the possibilities of a real intelligence to the economics of AI people are confused. I've done my best to explain how it works in simple terms and what it can mean to us from a number of different view points in an effort to reduce fears and bring clarity to subject. It's also nice when someone else does the work for me... The AI Economy Could See The Highest Levels Of Employment Ever, according to Reason everyone could be employed in creating and managing the tools that are AI.

I was guest on Liberty Now and one of the topics that came up was AI. I break down what it is now and what the future, certainly short term future, of AI portends. The entire 30 or so minute conversation on AI and more is available now at

It's unfortunate when anyone has to die, but it's a lot easier to take when the dead are frontline authoritarians. Four cops are dead in North Carolina and people are asking why. I'll tell you why, because cops have been given legal permission to rob, cage and murder the rest of us over political and social opinions. It is an opinion that certain people, like felons, shouldn't have guns. It is a fact that police should not be trying to disarm people unless and until they are an eminent danger to someone who has asked for police assistance. Here is the mainstream media trying pretty hard not to blame the guns.

It's funny how in times of political upheaval, one side or the other will take the same tools and techniques they use while in power and dimiss or denegrade them when the other guy is in power. Job numbers just dropped following this weeks Fed meeting where they held interest rates firm based in no small part on previous job numbers. If you listen to the show you know I'm very critical of job numbers because they are doctored and redoctored depending on the appearance the system wants present, so it should be no surprise when Money Men Say Goldilocks Job Report Is Just What The Fed Needed.

Sometimes there are questions about the actions of authoritarian scumbags given legal permission to rob, cage and murder the rest of us, and then there are the times when Six Pigs Torture Two Men. You'll notice a distinct lack of colorful words in my description of events and those involved. But if you think it matters, you could probably guess that the pigs were white and the men they tortured were black.

Anarchy in Quotations

“When you give alms, you benefit indolent poor, and when you buy luxuries, you benefit industrious ones.” - Beats Me?

Anarchy In Meme

You're not important
You're not important
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