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Toward Anarchy Archive June 2022

Archive / 2022

June 5th - Matt Hawkins
Matt Hawkins is President and COO of Top Cow Productions one of the core creator houses in the Image Comics family. Matt is also a prolific comic book creator himself with a slew of hit titles from Postal to The Tithe to Think Tank to Lady Pendragon and so many more. Matt joins me for a conversation about himself and his work and the impact he has had on the industry as a creator and platform to launch other creators.

June 12th - Just Us
It's just you and I today so I'll open up the phones and take your questions about Anarchy and Voluntaryism, but we need to talk. We need to talk about us. You're not listening and by that I mean, I'm not being heard and it's because we're not recognizing our personal failures in communicating and that means we're having trouble reaching each other for understanding and that means nothing will change for the better.

June 19th - Dr. Dean Lloyd
Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is Evolving the Species, helping people heal and grow through connecting body and mind. I've been looking forward to this conversation as we are Crusing The Epiphany Highway, Ethical Appropriateness. It's what I constantly call Honest Conversations. It is not my job to make you belive, it is my job to facilitate your understanding.

June 26th - Lou Sander
Lou Sander returns to the show to promote the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest. This year's festival takes place July 21st through July 25th on 76 acres of private property not far from flint Michigan. Come join in the food and fun and four days of camping and connecting with freedom lovers.

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