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Toward Anarchy June 19th

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Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is Evolving the Species, helping people heal and grow through connecting body and mind. I've been looking forward to this conversation as we are Cruising The Epiphany Highway, Ethical Appropriateness. It's what I constantly call Honest Conversations. It is not my job to make you believe, it is my job to facilitate your understanding.

Find out more about Dr. Lloyd and his work on Evolving the Species

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Do you have intellectual humility? As so often happens, this article about the value of admitting what we don't know just found its way to me at exactly the right time. As we address the idea of Honest Conversations it is important that we learn from our failures and misunderstandings.

I've been enjoying the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series even with all the disrespect directed at Hayden Christensen and Racism at Third Sister actress Moses Ingram. It has been good to see James Earl Jones get paid for his contribution as the voice of Darth Vader, and one of the great things about the Star Wars Galaxy has been the narratives of the people under the authoritarian rule of a corrupt system centered on a recurring set of influential antagonist's emboldened by the indifference of the masses.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Morality cannot exist one minute without freedom...Only a free man can possibly be moral. Unless a good deed is voluntary, it has no moral significance.” - Everett Dean Martin

Anarchy In Meme

You Have Three Brains
You Have Three Brains 
- @bestfolkmedicine

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