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Toward Anarchy Archive July 2022

Archive / 2022

July 3rd - Stephan Kinsella
Anarchist, Author, Lawyer, Electrical Engineer, Stephan Kinsella discusses the Economics and Morality of Intellectual Property with me. We'll get into the value, subjective and objective, of Crypto-Currencies, NFTs and other Digital things.

July 10th - Psychedelic Relationships
Is Anarchist love a thing? Of course it is. Danny Panzella and Vanessa Velez are married and sovereign and they've been through a toxic failing relationship to come out the other side of it stronger and more balanced in their relationship and their lives as a whole. They join me to chat about Healing and Growing through Psychedelic Relationships and the other tools they've used and recommend to others to heal themselves and their relationship.

July 17th - Ask the Anarchist
Live open phones today for a special Ask the Anarchist episode. You can ask me anything, economics, politics, news, pop-culture, music, movies. I specifically challenge you to challenge me. Ask me a question about morality, a social or political question that "anarchy can answer". Call 512-248-8252 to join the conversation live.

July 24th - Self-Defense
We have a recognized legal right to keep and bear arms under the Bill of Rights and most State Constitutions, and it's high time to recognize the natural right of self-defense. Call 512-248-8252 to join the conversation live.

July 31st - Battle of the Sexes
Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is evolving the species, helping us through the growing and healing processes by connecting body mind and spirit and he returns to the show this time for a conversation about The Battle of The Sexes.

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