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Toward Anarchy July 10th

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Is Anarchist love a thing? Of course it is. Danny Panzella and Vanessa Velez are married and sovereign and they've been through a toxic failing relationship to come out the other side of it stronger and more balanced in their relationship and their lives as a whole. They join me to chat about Healing and Growing through Psychedelic Relationships and the other tools they've used and recommend to others to heal themselves and their relationship.

Find out more about Danny and Vanessa and to tune in to their bi-weekly podcast where they discuss the different methods and tools they use and recommend for individuals and couples to find balance and achieve spiritual sovereignty at Sovereignlove.NYC.

For more information on the specific topic of Psychedelic Relationships and using plant medicine therapies visit


Remember Michael Magrutsche the former Newport Beach California Arts Commissioner? He was my guest a few weeks back and he had this wonderful piece on the perception of value to share with us because it relates to recent conversations we've had on the show and the equivocation of value and price.

I'm not sure what I think of this piece about Five Surprising Facts for July Fourth including the claim that the Declaration of Independence was "not really" complaints about King George. While there is some truth here, it lacks substance and stinks of revisionist history in the worst way for no reason other than to suggest that the people who wrote it were racist.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Our forefathers found the evils of free thinking more to be endured than the evils of inquest or suppression. This is because thoughtful, bold and independent minds are essential to wise and considered self-government.” - Robert H. Jackson

Anarchy In Meme

Instead of Just Think Positive.
Instead of Just Think Positive. 
- @iamhayleykaye

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