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Toward Anarchy Archive January 2022

Archive / 2022

January 2nd
First episode of the new year brings facilitator, healer, Dr. Dean Lloyd in for a visit to talk about where energy comes from. We'll need a supply of it if we're going to tackle 2022. And,some people still don't get it, so it's back to basics with this voluntary existence/anarchy thing. A pirate is a pirate, his excuses, his gang affiliation, his reasons cannot excuse his actions.

January 9th
It's a special Ask the Anarchist. A couple of questions have come up lately that need to be answered. The first is about January 6th 2021. The second is about Money. I'll answer those and since we're live, I invite you into the conversation with your calls and questions. 512.248.8252

January 16th
Terry Thiele is a Geo-Political Analyst and Author of Our Fourth Age, "the culmination of forty years helping government officials, corporate officers, and graduate students think about the future". Terry is a magna cum laude Princeton grad, with a J.D. from NYU and he is a graduate of the National War College. We'll chat about the future and the technological and societal disruptions we face in our fourth age.

January 23rd
Andrew Davis is host of Conversations in Pop Culture and a geek like me; he's also an Alternative Investor with holdings like rare and valuable Comic Books. The conversation is all about Alternative Investing in Comic Books and Digital Assets, the risks, the rewards, the challenges.

January 30th
Julianne Romanello was working locally to save a liberal arts college from a corporate reimagining when she found herself up against the New World Order's Agenda 21, woke capitalism, and the entire rabbit hole of Globalist machinations.

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