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Toward Anarchy January 16th

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Terry Thiele is a Geo-Political Analyst and Author of Our Fourth Age, "the culmination of forty years helping government officials, corporate officers, and graduate students think about the future". Terry is magna cum laude Princeton grad, with a J.D. from NYU and he is a graduate of the National War College. We'll chat about the future and the technological and societal disruptions we face in our fourth age.

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Purchase a copy of Terry's book Our Fourth Age in paperback or digital file.


I'm always on the watch for effective communication skills practices, tips, and reminders to share with you and these communications tips from fit that bill nicely.

No in the New Year is a new lifestyles column at Yahoo with the intent of helping you set boundries by saying no and prioritizing your own mental and physical health. I'm down with that trip. Why Do We Hold On To Things We Don't Need? That's the question some experts try to answer for us.

Anarchy in Quotations

“It is not the fact of liberty but the way in which liberty is exercised that ultimately determines whether liberty itself survives.” - Dorothy Thompson

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Laws Don't Work That Way!
Laws Don't Work That Way! 
-Liberty Minds

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