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Toward Anarchy Archive October 2021

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October 3rd
Craig Harguess, founder of The Bad Roman Project, is back. We'll touch on the obvious compatibility between Anarchy and Christianity, but our bigger conversation will focus on the forgotten victims of the lockdown and mandates. There are uncounted numbers of dead and it's not the fault of some virus, unless that virus is Government. Many people in ill health either or both physical and mental fell victim to the actions of the state and state actors.

October 10th
Jeff Martinez is one of my closest friends, he's a husband and father, a musician and audiphile, and he's back on the show to talk about all of those things in the context of a COVID world that resembles nothing like the one we grew up in.

October 17th
It's a free-for-all on the show today. I'm going to try to cover everything important that has ever happened in two hours! The NWO, Vaccine Mandates, Comic Book References, everything! We'll solve the world's problems in two hours or less!

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