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Toward Anarchy October 3rd

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Craig Harguess, founder of The Bad Roman Project, is back. We'll touch on the obvious compatibility between Anarchy and Christianity, but our bigger conversation will focus on the forgotten victims of the lockdown and mandates. There are uncounted numbers of dead and it's not the fault of some virus, unless that virus is Government. Many people in ill health either or both physical and mental fell victim to the actions of the state and state actors.

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The Lancet, through the University of Washington looks at under-reported deaths by police covering a period between 1980 and 2018 it was discovered that killings by police have been under-reported by 50% or more.

All the data in the world, quite literally, is not helping us understand ourselves or our future. Barrons looks at the paradox of data because with so much information there is so little insight in to what it means.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Only a very small number of people are truly evil. But a very large number of people are conformists. To prevent evil on a mass scale it’s more important for us to ward against our own instinct to conform with the crowd than it is to worry about anything else.” - Claire Lehmann

Anarchy In Meme

Never Take The Deal, Don't Plea Bargain
Never Take The Deal, Don't Plea Bargain 

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