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Toward Anarchy Archive February 2024

February 4th - Matthew Sercely

It's Theft Season, that time of year when the rich rob the rich and the poor to prop up their criminal enterprise called government. Agorist Attorney Matthew Sercely has some legal ways to reduce your tax liability.

February 11th - Michael Anderson

A fantastic new guest, Author, Historian, and Political Analyst Michael Anderson. He joins me to chat about the tribal nature of American politics and the future of the American Political System.

February 18th - Stewart Kenneth Moore

Artist Stewart Kenneth Moore chats with me about his work on "The Project MK-Ultra Sex, Drugs, and the CIA" Graphic Novel, the future of comic books and the comic book industry and the impact of Artificial Intelligence.

February 25th - Social Application pt 2

Dr. Dean Lloyd is back to continue our conversation on Social Application and using The Four Fundamental Factors of all social development to independently and collectively reach a natural and balanced social system.

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