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Toward Anarchy February 18th

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Artist Stewart Kenneth Moore chats with me about his work on the "Project MK-Ultra Sex, Drugs, and the CIA" Graphic Novel, the future of comic books and the comic book industry and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. You can get the new Complete Edition of the graphic novel direct from Clover Press and through Amazon, Wal-Mart and Barnes and Noble

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Find out more about Stewart on Lambiek the Comiclopedia a great resource of information on thousands of artists in comic books and cartoons.


For fun, Twenty Conspiracy Theories proven with evidence, verified by facts, the importance of which is ignored by most.

The video is gone, but the article synopsis is still there and it reveals the Six Main Signs of MK-Ultra Mind Control. I don't know how much really relates to MK-Ultra seeing as how there's no possible way the shadow government is still experimenting on the population... But the things mentioned are real observable and verifiable on some level.

Anarchy in Quotations

“As noted on Page 90 of the MKULTRA inspired KUBARK interrogation manual, 'sustained long enough, a strong fear of anything vague or unknown induces regression'. Whether that fear represents the possibility of being unemployed, being harassed daily for not complying, or a mutating virus, amongst other things, if 'sustained long enough' it begins to wear people down psychologically. - Gavin Nascimento, A History of Elitism, World Government and Population Control

Anarchy In Meme

Project MK-Ultra Sex, Drugs and the CIA Complete Edition
Project MK-Ultra Sex, Drugs and the CIA Complete Edition

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