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Toward Anarchy September 10th

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Anarchist, Author, Larken Rose talks about the Jones Plantation film a thinly veiled allegory about our current political reality and the very nature of government itself.

Find out more about Larken Rose at and follow him on Twitter or X or whatever the hell they're calling it now @LarkenRose and on Facebook @larken.rose.7

Watch The Jones Plantation film at


If you follow the show, then you understand that this so called AI everyone is talking about is dumb, but the fears about its use/abuse are entirely founded. The trick will be to discern between genuine calls for caution in using and trusting the bots and claims about artificial truth being used to regulate the information available to and from these hyped up search engines.

The left finally admits that the Carbon Swap Scam isn't working. But don't be surprised when this admission results in a larger push to reduce YOUR consumption, even though the failed promise is more related to failure to follow through than a particularly bad idea that couldn't work.

Anarchy in Quotations

“People who consider themselves educated, open-minded and progressive do not want to think of themselves as the slaves of a master, or even the subjects of a ruling class. Because of this, much rationalizing and obfuscating has been done in an attempt to deny the fundamental nature of "government" as a ruling class.” - Larken Rose

Anarchy In Meme

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