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Toward Anarchy November 12th

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Michaell Magrutsche is an educator, artist and author the former Newport Beach California Arts Commissioner returns to the show because he believes We Can Do It. We can solve the problems we created and change our future for the better by fixing those things we can fix and recognzing and accepting the things we can't fix. He believes one of the keys is to stop living a System Relevant Life and start living a Human Centric Life.

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Scientist guy says The Singularity will Happen by 2031. The singularity being the point that technology becomes uncontrollable. The most common concern being a self-learning machine gets caught in a self-improvement loop exponentially expanding its intelligence and self-importance and eventually deems man to be a danger to it so it takes us out. There is also the point where man combines with machine.

This link is in the previous article, but I wanted to make sure you saw it because The New Yorker's Take on The Dangers of The Singularity and the possibility of a singularity at all, are interesting. Their concern is centered on political and social manipulation by AGI (the theoritical next step of AI), when I've been very clear about the true dangers of the misuse of AI by bad actors. And I don't mean Michael Cera

Anarchy in Quotations

“Honestly, Fuck all your stupid laws, and leave me alone.” - Hoe

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The Progressive Attack on Reality
The Progressive Attack on Reality
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