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Toward Anarchy March 19th

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Facilitator and healer Dr. Dean Lloyd is evolving the species, helping us through the growing and healing processes by connecting body mind and spirit. He joins us just in time for the start of spring and he's going to help us with a little personal spring cleaning project, cleaning up your act with Dr. Dean Lloyd. Join the conversation via chat at the link below or call 512-248-8252 if you'd like to speak with Dr. Lloyd personally.

Find out more about Dr. Lloyd and his work on Evolving the Species

Get your copy of Cruising the Epiphany Highway, and follow along as we make our way through it.

Join Dr. Lloyd and myself in real-time chat on ChatanGo where we'll take your questions.


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Anarchy in Quotations

“So, the problem is 'racial disparities' in the system? That's easily solved. End the system, take away the legal autority to rob, cage and murder the rest of us, regardless of skin color. Problem solved.” - Michael Storm

Anarchy In Meme

If it has to be normalized, it's not normal.
If it has to be normalized, it's not normal. 
- Not Credited

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