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Toward Anarchy Archive February 2022

Archive / 2022

February 27th
Psychic Medium Chris Garcia returns to the show to talk to you. For listeners of the live show you can call 512.248.8252 and speak directly with Chris. He'll answer your questions about himself, his process, his beliefs, or receive a reading.

February 20th
Tony Peck is the Director and a Writer (along with Dan Gringle) of the political cartoon There Goes The Neighborhood where the enitre world lives in one small-town neighborhood.

February 13th
Dr Dean Lloyd is a facilitator and healer who is Evolving the Speciecs helping people connect body and mind. He's back to talk about Consciousness and how it is the X-Factor in managing our health.

February 6th
Jonathan Lane is a musician and educator with more than 30 years in the public education system. He holds a Master's degree in his chosen instrument the (Double) Bass, as well as a degree in Music Education from ASU. He is currently the Artists Director of the Westwood Ensemble in Kansas City Missouri and Orchestra Clinician for KC Strings. It's free markets, music and Anarchy in Art.

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