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Toward Anarchy November 21st

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The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict almost makes you think the system works, almost. The Right of Self-Defense was reaffirmed live for the world to see. He never should have been charged. It should not have been national news. The left wanted to showcase a white guy with a gun getting his just deserts and almost entirely ignored the black guy acquitted the same day of shooting home invaders in uniform. Goes against the narrative that self-defense is valid and warranted under ANY assault.

Hollywood has a lot to say about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and I'm willing to be that most of it is bad, ill-informed and generally nothing more than leftist bullshit. We'll take a look together.

New CDC Data suggests 60% of the US population has reduced protection against COVID. oddly enough, that number reflects the number I have claimed is more close to the real vaccinated rate. But, that's not the kicker, that's in the language they use to confuse the issue.


"Anarchists" target Queens neighborhood smashing windows and spray painting cars. I wish I could say it wasn't "real" anarchists but, the last week has taught me that there are still people who call themselves anarchist who just don't get it.

Can you copy an NFT? NFT-Bay (a take on The Pirate Bay) seems to think you can. But, is the copy as good as the real thing?

Anarchy in Quotations

“While you and I may not always agree with it, it is not the message that is important. It is our obedience to it.” - Dupont

Anarchy In Meme

Five Regrets of the Dying
Five Regrets of the Dying 

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