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Toward Anarchy December 19th

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2021 has liberty on the run and tyranny will stroll right along with us into 2022. A new variant, renewed authoritarian lockdowns and controls on travel and business make it guaranteed continued struggle. Fear and anger will dominate the headlies (not a Freudian slip). But don't let them drive you. Let them live in fear, let them lash out at each other. Re-invest in yourself and your life in 2022.

The fight over forced and coerced vaccination will continue in 2022. There are a lot of people from all walks of life on the side of individual liberty, informed consent, and body autonomy. They are losing their jobs and suing over the jab!

It will continue to be harder to tell the truth from lies in 2022. DeepFake Artificial Intelligent Sythetic Technology and Media have reached the point where it will be nearly impossible for the average person to see the truth.


One potential bright spot for 2022 is the break-away from public education classroom prisons as more people turn to home-schooling. School Choice Saves Money and Gives Options, especially for students who struggle to keep up or cause conflict in the learning environment.

More people will continue to turn their back on the system in 2022. Even Elon Musk has visions of a Anarchist Utopia?

Anarchy in Quotations

“Far from being a paranoid or a determinist, the conspiracy analyst is a praxeologist; that is, he believes that people act purposively, that they make conscious choices to employ means in order to arrive at goals.” - Murray Rothbard

Anarchy In Meme

What to do in 2022, Become Ungovernable
What to do in 2022, Become Ungovernable 

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