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Toward Anarchy Archive April 2021

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April 25th
Dr Joye Pugh is an author and a musician, she has worked with the handicapped to strengthen their minds and their bodies. Dr Joye has wide range of knowledge I can't wait to tap into. We without question visit the topic of Visitors, disclosure, UFO's and we'll talk about the implications of extracting DNA from the shroud of Turin in an effort to clone Jesus!

April 18th
Erin and Kingsly are the creators behind Flote. Flote is a social media platform dedicated to free speech and open expression. The discuss the platform and the special features it offers and look into the future to find out if free speech even still exists.

April 11th
Bradley Thomas is an economist and a commentator and an author. He regularly contributes to the great libertarian and Austrian School websites from to Lew Rockwell. Bradley created his own digital playground to spread Anarchy called Erase the State. Did I forget to metion that this educated, well spoken, respected contributor to modern political thought is an Anarchist?

April 4th
Rodger Sanchez is host of the libertarian Debate Podcast Echo Chamber and my guest for a conversation. We'll talk about his show and we'll get to the heart of why it, and Toward Anarchy, and RBN and FSN and other alternative voices for news and media are so important. Godzilla vs Kong opens online and in theaters. I started watching the Q-Anon doc on HBOMax.

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