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Toward Anarchy March 30th

Jeff Einstein Digital Apostate

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Jeff Einstein is an author and speaker, and a Digital Media Pioneer turned Digital Apostate. The first to delve into digital addiction, before what we know of as social media today, Jeff gave up his future in the digital space to explore what happens when addiction is the norm.

Learn more about Jeff and the Quality of Life Resistance Movement, "A populist blueprint to restore the quality of life in the confluence of state-sponsored default addiction and the institutional tyranny of runaway digital scale", on his substack page.

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Anarchist Audit: It's a Protection Racket... but it's for the Children

The United Nations shipping industry climate regulation could produce the world's first, and the New World Order's long awaited, Global emissions tax. Simply put, the tax is the next step in controlling the movement of people and goods. The claim is that the ill-gotten gains will be used to improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet, but what it really does is create barriers for honest players with real concerns about their impact on the environment and opens the door to black markets and the dangers associated with them.

You know someone somewhere stands to gain power and some money as soon as the high-profile opinion pieces all start to call for the same thing. Online age verification is a complete non-sequitur. Something can't be verified if it's not present and automating the identification process just makes it easier to fake. You'll see more calls for this as we inch closer to internet ID. One of the biggest problems the system faces is the inability to prove and approve online access, because while they can seemingly control any mainstream information, they can't stop the access of other sources of competing ideas. Yet.

You're in the hands of a solid nanny state leadership when they cry "it's for the children" just before they pass the most rights violating legislation. It's like the guy who says, "I'm not racist, but..." and you know the next words out of his mouth are about to be the most racist shit you've ever heard.

They don't understand what it means or how it can be used, but they passed it. The TikTok Bill is a power grab, limiting competition in the marketplace and in the marketplace of ideas as well as an attack on the very notion of free speech. It's also being sold to the people as a protection proving once again that government is just a protection racket.

If it is at all true that we are seeing a repeat of history, then one must ask "why we are repeating the worst parts of history"? How is it that we can be so advanced and enlightened and woke and involved that we are led down the same path to destruction every time?

Just another friendly reminder that your support of free speech platforms like Republic Broadcasting Network is more important than ever. As Weaponization of the Internet and information controls on content, content providers and platforms, your support ensures there continue to be places where people like me can have the hard conversations the system would have you avoid.

It continues to be near impossible to trust any so called authority to deliver useful trustable information. And it's truly tragic when the most concerned and best equipped people get it so easily wrong. When less than 10 percent of the world's population faces a severe food crisis situation, the experts would have you believe that you and I are responsible, that we waste too much of their food. I remember my grandfather used to tell us we had to finish our plates because of the starving people in Africa. If we didn't eat what we had, we were wasting food that a starving person in Africa could eat. It's just not true.

An argument I've heard made about why anarchists, voluntaryists and libertarians suck, goes something like this... They hate people because they want to take away all the safety nets that government provides for the most needy, weakest, most deserving people. The problem with that argument is, while we would remove government from the equation, it is not government that protects these people. It is government that steals the wealth of everyone around them who could and would use their capital to create market supported systems to help those most in need.

Here is a direct example of the pushback mentioned in the previous article as an anecdote. No anecdote here, this is happening right now and it's exactly what happens EVERY TIME government messes with markets. Imagine this one thing, this huge failure of the system, repeated a thousand times on a thousand subjects in a thousand different jurisdictions and you have just scratched the surface of the sheer enormity of it all.

Anarchy in Quotations

“It's amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do.” - Cartoonist Jim Davis

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