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Toward Anarchy March 23rd

* Three Phases of Learning - Full MP3 *

Facilitator and Healer Dr. Dean Lloyd makes his first house call during the new timeslot with a bit of a return to basics and a look at the importance of the Three Phases of Learning.

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Anarchist Audit: Don't Engage Idiocy or DEI for short

Liberal madness begins at home either in rebellion to overly-conservative parents or as a direct result of leftist political influence by the parents. And if they don't get you at home indoctrination into the cult is only an education away with, as a watchdog group discovered, Many Top Colleges Teaching a Cadre of Political Commissars Through DEI Certificate Programs. There is some good news though, the number of DEI positions available has dropped significantly over the last year.

That backlash against the racist nature of DEI plays into the hands of hardcore socialist division tactics and has states with any conservative values left Introducing, Passing or Enacting Anti-DEI Legislation. You know, the socialist solution to socialism.

The roots of DEI can be traced back to the very beginnings of centralized authority and continuing attempts by government to manipulate people into getting along and to use business and education systems as tools for pushing a political and social agenda that suits the state. And then it backfires and we end up with a case where someone created a living artistic piece representing unacceptable voluntary social segregation and was sued for excluding people. I'm still over here trying to understand why someone, anyone, would want to go where they aren't wanted, outside of some socialist political statement?

What is the point of DEI? If you listen to the left its about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The right says it's about misguided racism. What it's really about is, social division for political power gains and it ends in the pseudo-woke Beliefs Leading to Higher Anxiety and Depression because they're based on pseudo-solutions to personally felt problems that can't be resolved by fiat.

It's no wonder there is a sudden concern for increasing disparity between the educated and uneducated given that the political left repeatedly in every metric is found to be dumber and lacking any solid reasoning for their political and social opinions that drive them to depression. Here's the push though, literally, trap more people in the system by claiming that the disparity is about the education and not the other way around.

DEI is Buzzwords, and here is a little introduction and list of New World Order Buzzwords to look out for when analyzing the news and government policy courtesy our friend Julianne Romanello.

Just so you know I'm not picking sides, I'm picking issues, we go from liberal lies and confusions to conservative lies and confusion. Unlike the political right, I know that every individual has the right of self defense and therefore it follows, the right to self defense as recognized by the state. Even Immigrants Have the Legally Recognized 2nd Amendment Right to Carry a Gun. The 2nd Amendment says the right of the PEOPLE, not Americans, not Citizens, not Voters, not Rich Guys, White Guys, Guys with badges, All People.

The right loves the 2nd Amendment and the natural right to protect yourself and your property that it confirms, but because they are still statists, they believe that the state has some magical first claim to use of force. The right continues to "back the blue" and "support the troops" even in the face of the facts of an ever increasing authoritarian socialist state and a continued drop in real crime.

Is your man, or are you a man, who regularly thinks of the Roman Empire (it's a thing)? Then you may want to take our current political reality a bit more seriously as political and social manipulations have The US Faces the Same Political, Social and Economic Risks Faced by Caesar's Rome.

Anarchy in Quotations

“It is not the nature of politics that the best men should be elected. The best men do not want to govern their fellowmen.” - George MacDonald

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