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Toward Anarchy June 8th

Roy Coughlan

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Entrepreneur Roy Coughlan is host of a number of well received podcasts including the Awakening Podcast and how to learn Polish and that is at least partially thanks to Corrupt Corporate Courts.

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Anarchist Audit: Democracy is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

There is a world of people out there, many of them men, but also many women too, who are talking about creating and maintaining happy healthy mutually beneficial relationships in life and in business so Helen Holmes at The Daily Beast decided to shit all over them.

Consumer Affairs lists Topeka Kansas as the number one city in America to receive relocation benefits. Put another way, Topeka is the best place to get handouts of taxpayer money. This is not a good thing no matter how you frame it.

Iowa Comic Book and Game shop institutes a 'Smell Policy'. Sounds like a great way to improve the business. While it could alienate some collectors and players, it really is a small number of people who can't seem to just not stink in public.

More good news for the people of Topeka, Police Are Installing More Plate Cameras. 'Plate Cameras' being a euphemism for a police state surveillance system that, while couched as passive for tracking criminals, serves as another means through which to control people and their movements and to generate revenue for the thieves called government.

Some good advice for people who own property, particularly larger tracts of land and multiple structures, concerning your Curtilage. The Arbitrarily Defined Area around private property where a person can expect privacy and legal Bill of Rights protections from surveillance and seizure by government.

Anarchy in Quotations

“...if democracy merely means choosing officeholders by vote, then it is surely preferable to choosing them by violence. But that is a very low standard. It's like saying someone is better than Hitler. We should set the bar higher.” - Sheldon Richman

Anarchy In Meme

Permission to Use Your Own Property
Permission to Use Your Own Property?
-art by Bennett

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