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Toward Anarchy July 6th

Underground Comics

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Anarchist unboxing a small collection of 60's and 70's 'Underground Comics' comic books and talk about the era, the art, the politics, the history, what it all means in today's world of AI art and politically driven social movements like ComicsGate and GamerGate

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Anarchist Audit: The 4th of JustLies

You'll find no link here, just a side note. I'm done talking about COVID. I was right all along and watching the media and the legal system play catch-up does not amuse me or make me happy that I was.

Here is an article full of bad advice. There has been a push for some time now to convince people to use password software and to keep your passwords online and off-site. Just how are YOU in control of YOUR passwords when YOU are not responsible for them.

The government can't protect you, and it is also the thing most likely to violate you, so it has no real incentive to protect you. But it does have an incentive to rob you and if you don't comply, cage or kill you. People get snarky and call it hyperbole when I say police will kill you for a minor traffic violation. Boom! That's the sound of a mic drop in case you're wondering.

Government passes laws claiming to protect us, but you and I know that laws are just scribbles on paper, the political and social opinions used to generate revenue for the state that stop exactly nobody from doing anything. It's really great when one of the normal people in a position of learned and earned authority recognizes and vocalizes the fact that we can't rely on laws to sort out society.

You need more proof that the government can't protect you even when it has a mandate to do so. Again we turn to free speech and rogue pigs acting under color of law and violating a citizen for exercising free speech. Frankly it happens constantly all around the nation, and it is costing tax-payers millions. That's what the First Amendment Auditors are all about.

Listeners know I have more respect for Judge Judy than I do most "Judges", because she actually does what the legal system is supposed to do, adjudicate disputes between individuals regarding violations of person or property. She is the example of justice in the absence of the state. She proved her legal chops yet again when she called the Trump hush money trial and resulting conviction non-sense.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.” - Milton Friedman

Anarchy In Meme

4th of July Parade Tule Lake Internment Camp 1943
4th of July Parade Tule Lake Internment Camp 1943
-Not Credited

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