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Toward Anarchy January 15th

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Is the American Justice System Broken? Take it from someone who has traversed that system and watched it devolved over the last 30 years, the system is broken. Don't get me wrong, the system works for the system, it fails us as individuals and as a society. It creates criminals from non-criminal and protected acts like free speech and self-defense.

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What do Normies and Statists think are the Biggest Problems with the American Criminal Justice System? Surprisingly, they're not far off.

The criminal justice system is broken and it can't be fixed, and gods forbid that this C-Student Psychologist be the one who fixes it. Armed with the usual psycho-babble and middle of the road wishy-washy analysis, Brian Kinniard Ph.D. calls for more of the same old solutions.

Anarchy in Quotations

“That government is no more than a choice among evils has been a standing maxim for ages.” - Patrick Henry

Anarchy In Meme

Government The Lesser of Evils
- Unknown

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