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Toward Anarchy May 23rd

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It's not so much shameless self-promotion but an opportunity to get to know myself and the show. Who is Michael Storm? What is Toward Anarchy? What does the future hold?


Top man of science questions COVID-19 and Vaccine so the press and his "friends" demonize him and question his sanity.

Definitely Not A Cult a new video from PJW looks at the Cult-like behavior of Maskholes and Needle junkies.

Interesting Engineering looks at BitCoin energy use and impact on the environment compared to that of dollar and traditional banking methods.

Anarchy in Quotations

"Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met, and to take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.” ― Doug Stanhope

Anarchy In Meme

Pictures of Me Getting the Covid Vaccine
Pictures of Me Getting the Covid Vaccine... 
- Uncredited

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