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Toward Anarchy May 16th

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Carla Howell is a Libertarian and singer-song writer. We'll talk about the future of the party including the Mises Caucus and most importanly, we'll check out her song and video Good Folks and talk about how her music passion and love of liberty come together.

Follow Carla at, subscribe to her newsletter and listen to her music.

You can subscribe to Carla on her YouTube page, and follow her on Facebook @CarlaHowellMusic and Twitter @CarlaHowell.


Gizmodo brings us some advanced geek stuff, wonderful and potentially very useful it's an Android app that deletes all of your data if someone, for instance the police, try to crack your phone.

Following on my interest and discussion about extra-terrestrial life interstellar junk, and potential coming disclosure comes this rebuke of the mainstream scientist who has been making the rounds claiming aliens engineered a recently discovered near earth object.

Anarchy in Quotations

"Even if you want no state, or a minimal state, then you still have to argue it point-by-point. Especially since most minimalists want to keep exactly the economic and police system that keeps them privileged. That's libertarians for you--anarchists who want police protection from their slaves.” ― Kim Stanley Robinson

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Covid Curve is the same with or without Mask Mandate
Covid Curve is the same with or without Mask Mandate 
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