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Toward Anarchy March 21st

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I committed to hosting more open phones episodes so, it's all about you and what's on your radar this time. Also, I was one of many who was anticipating and hence watched Zack Snyder's Justice League this week. I've been vocal about my disapointment with the original, was I impressed?

Suggested by the Judge. She just judges, she doesn't make demands. She judged this humorous, I concur. Verdict rendered, watch Libertarian PBS on YouTube.

My appearance in defense of Anarcho-Capitalism on The Echo Chamber with Rodger Sanchez. The Echo Chamber is a fantastic debate show covering liberty topics as well as others. My esteemed opponent was a "Libertarian Socialist" and as always I bring only myself and my understanding to the table, the rest is on you.


Philip Giraldi says what I suggested months ago would happen is happening as the political system's war on dissents goes transnational.

PBS' NOVA looks at Police Misconduct and the cancer-like effect it has on other police. That's right, the shit is systemic.

Anarchy in Quotations

"Mankind likes to think in terms of extreme opposites. It is given to formulating its beliefs in terms of Either/Ors, between which it recognizes no intermediate possibilities.” ― John Dewey

Anarchy In Meme

Breakfast as an Analogy for the 2nd Amendment
Breakfast as an Analogy for the 2nd Amendment 
- Uncredited

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