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Toward Anarchy January 3rd

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Craig Harguess is Host of The Bad Roman podcast he joins me to talk about Christian Anarchy. Are they compatible ideologies? Is Jesus a figure who represents anarchist/voluntaryist ideals?

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Remeber last week when I mentioned the CNN article on Vaccine Passports and I read through a bit of it? I stopped at one point and noted how the language made it sound like a wire piece, well guess what? Note the Authors of this.

IRS Fishing for Your Digital Currency Transactions to Tax Them as Capital Gains.

Anarchy in Quotations

"Pay attention vaccine proponents, you're watching in real time the type of event hype and misinformation in data collection and disinformation in data dissemination that has led millions to the knowledge that vaccine science is a fraud.” ― Me, I said it, in early April 2020

Anarchy In Meme

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity
WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity 
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