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Toward Anarchy Archive February 2021

Archive / 2021

February 28th
Dr. Erec Smith is Associate Professor of Rhetoric at the York College of Pennsylvania he's my guest for a conversation about Classic Liberalism and Black America and you can bet I'll ask him about his Professorship as it relates to one of the underpinnings of this show and my own desire for honest productive language.

February 21st
Activist, speaker, entrepreneur, John Bush is my guest for a conversation about The Great Reset, The Greater Reset and the Freedom Cells Network.

February 14th
Larry Sharpe wears a lot of hats as an executive, a speaker, coach, consultant and for our purposes a libertarian minded philosopher. We'll chat about politics and the future.

February 7th
Todd Borho is an Anarchist and Author of Fiction, we chat about using art to teach Anarchy and Voluntarist principles as well as crypto-currency and security.

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