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Bradley Thomas is my guest, he's behind and a body of liberatrian/anarchist/voluntarist work that speaks for itself. He recently penned a piece on The State's role in something that is apparently a topic of some concern, Racism.

Visit the Erase The State Website.

Read Bradley's piece entitled "If I Were A Racist".


More Evidence that Staying Away from the Doctor During Covid-19 Lockdown has Improved Health?

Which Marvel Super Hero are You By Your Zodiac Sign.

Anarchy in Quotations

"Anarchism is not only a stateless society but also a harmonized society that exposes man to the stimuli provided by both agrarian and urban life, to physical activity and mental activity, to unrepressed sensuality and self-directed spirituality, to communal solidarity and individual development, to regional uniqueness and worldwide brotherhood, to spontaneity and self-discipline, to the elimination of toil and the promotion of craftsmanship.” ― Murray Bookchin

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This Post Has Been Removed 

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