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Infoninja Rob is my friend and my guest. We'll catch up and talk about activism with We Are Change Colorado now and then, and we'll tackle the question 'can a friendship survive anarchy'?

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Just How Far Far Away is That Galaxy? Where is the Earth in Star Wars Cannon?

Narcissists Psychopaths and Manipulators, Oh My! They're More Likely to Virtue Signal, No Duh!

Anarchy in Quotations

"What we want is not a redistribution of overcoats, although it must be said that even in such a case, the shivering folk would see advantage in it. Nor do we want to divide up the wealth of the Rothschilds. What we do want is so to arrange things that every human being born into the world shall be ensured the opportunity, in the first instance of learning some useful occupation, and of becoming skilled in it; and next, that he shall be free to work at his trade without asking leave of master or owner, and without handing over to landlord or capitalist the lion's share of what he produces.” ― Pyotr "Peter" Kropotkin

Anarchy In Meme

Only You Can Decide to Be Free
Only You Can Decide to Be Free 
Bad Quaker

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