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Toward Anarchy December 20th

Archive / 2020 / December

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Sherry Voluntary, talk show host and another true lady of liberty, is my guest. We'll talk about the current state of mental health under the COVID-19 reality also communications and the many messages and voices of liberty.

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And you can check out Talking Trashed with Sherry and Derek Tee.


I was a guest on EchoChamber with Rodger Sanchez for a debate with Agora Roger (different Roger). It was a great discussion about Capitalism and Agorism. Solid arguments were made, comparisons and compatibility were questioned, ideas were challenged. The relative conclusions are yours to make.

Last week I mentioned the Antitrust suit against Facebook. I thought this from Politico was a fair view of it.

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"You were born to resist. Rebellion is your true American heritage. Even if you are not yourself and American, it is the heritage of the American ideal of idividual liberty and voluntary participation in society.” ― Me, I said it

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Covid-19 Cornavirus Symptoms
Covid-19 Cornavirus Symptoms 

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