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Toward Anarchy April 19th

Archive / 2020 / April

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Johsua Patterson is my free-range anarhcist friend philosopher and shaman. We'll converse about fishing and freedom.

Stay at Home Orders May Take Months to Lift, But That's Problematic as Cases Guaranteed to Go Up.

43% of Small Businesses Say They'll Close Permanently if They Don't Get Help Soon.


When Snitches Become Monsters.

Looking at Coronavirus Covid-19 from a Metabolic Perspective Dr. Bob.

Anarchy in Quotations

“Anarchy has the flexibility to overcome many of the traditional problems of activism by focusing on revolution not as another cause but as a philosophy of living. This philosophy is as concrete as a brick being thrown through a window or flowers growing in the garden. By making our daily lives revolutionary, we destroy the artificial separation between activism and everyday life. Why settle for comrades and fellow activists when we can have friends and lovers?” ― Curious George Brigade

Anarchy In Meme

Schrodinger's Virus
Schrodinger's Virus 

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