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Each week a new collectible item, hand picked by Michael, is featured right here. This week is...

Dogma Blu-Ray

Dogma Blu-Ray

The literal definition of irreverent. Rare and possibly never to be released again in any format. Cover is great with one small nick, the disc itself is not perfect but it's very nice and plays perfectly. I made it a point to watch the whole thing including all the extras and there wasn't so much as a blip.

I'm a Kevin Smith fan, I have all his movies. This is not his movie! That's right, he doesn't own this, that fat sack of crap Harvey Weinstien owns it. That's why this movie is very rare on DVD or Blu-Ray. I own a copy I purchased maybe two years ago now for twenty six bucks delivered and now it sells for $75 and more!

Price is $75

Includes Free Shipping to Contiguous U.S.

Click the image above to see a larger version. Click these links for more pictures. Front * Back * Disc


To claim, be the first person to email me with "CLAIM DOGMA BLU-RAY" in the Subject line to Make sure I can email you back to make payment and shipping arrangements.

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