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Toward Anarchy February 9th

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Jacob Hornberger is my guest. He's president of the Future of Freedom Foundation advancing liberty for more than 30 years. He's also running for POTUS under the Libertarian banner so hopefully he's prepared for a game of word association.

Future of Freedom Foundation website

Jacob Hornberger Campaign website


How to Stop Police from Asking for Your Ring Doorbell Video.

Dip in Hunting Popularity is Creating Crisis for Public Lands.


Anarchy in Quotations

“The biggest threat to the American people today lies with the United States government. ... [T]he long-term solution is to dismantle, not reform, the iron fist of the welfare state and the controlled economy. This includes the end (not the reform) of the IRS, the DEA, the BATF, the SEC, the FDA, HUD, the departments of HHS, Labor, Agriculture, and energy, and every other agency that takes money from some and gives it to others or interferes with peaceful behavior.” ― Jacob Hornberger

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The Republican's Sacred Texts


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