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Toward Anarchy Archive September 2019

Archive / 2019

Sunday September 29th
Ryan Butler joins me to talk about anarchy, photography and an inside look at the world of Star Wars CosPlay.
OK Sign now a Symbol of Hate, Guess How Many Left Politicians Use it.
Law Professor, "Never Talk to the Cops", "Don't even Plea the 5th".

Sunday September 22nd
Bretigne Shaffer, Anarchist, advocate for informed consent and medical/pharma industry accountibility, is my guest.
From 1997: CIA Finds No Link to Itself and Crack Trade
Doctors Change Disease Names When Vaccines Fail
Flu Vaccine as a Litmus Test for Ethics of Vaccine Policies.
Saudi Arabia Oil Field Attack a Pretext for War with Iran?
Storm Area 51 is Little More than a Light Shower.

Sunday September 15th
Eric Belsey, gardner, meditation teacher, Anarchist is my guest.
Federal Firearms Licensing for YOU!
Keanu Reeves Quotes.
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.
Exclusive: Richard Gage and Psychologists Panel Q & A.

Sunday September 8th
Nicki Lynne, Mother, Author, Anarchist is my guest.
Foraging for Freedom is Nicki's Website.
Anarchist Library: Leo Tolstoy.
"Wal-Mart violated my 2nd Amendment Rights!" and other stupid stuff I heard this week.
Stupid Parade Exposes Growing Real Problem with Abuse of Power.

Sunday September 1st
Victor Pross, Anarchist Artist is my guest.
You have the nerve to ask me 'what's wrong with police?'
Pretis/Tytler Cycle, depending upon whom you ask.
Autism will disappear in a decade. Why doesn't this make me happy?


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