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Sunday November 24th
Connor Boyack, author of The Tuttle Twins books on economics and libertarian / voluntarist thought joins me on the show to talk about the series past present and future.

Sunday November 17th
Hollywood insider, my Father, joins me for the show today. We'll talk about the hard working often unseen side of Hollywood

Sunday November 10th
Jeremy Henggeler, anarchist, activist, podcaster, victim of the state monopoly on force and "cancel culter", is my guest. We'll talk about anarchy, the Liberty Forge Podcast, his latest adventure in pet sitting, and more...

Sunday November 3rd
Mykal Taylor is my gest. He joins me to talk about Mana Wildfire Logistics, an organization Mykal and his wife Molly started to help first responders and victims on the frontlines of wildfire disasters.


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