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Toward Anarchy Archive July 2019

Archive / 2019

Sunday July 28th
How easy is it to become a federal criminal
AG Barr, Backdoors in Tech a Must
It's Time We Had The Talk... About Tech
The Myth of the “Fair Share” of Taxes
Fed to Resume Killing People, "legally"

Sunday July 21st
Jamie Brown from the band Roxanne
Cuts from the New Album Radio Silence
Shazam on Blu-Ray also Shangri-la and Hate Thy Neighbor
I'm sure I'll cover some important (to someone) news
Did I mention Roxanne and Rock-n-Roll?

Sunday July 14th
ICE Raids begin this weekend
Rights of People and Citizens: Crossing Borders
Epstein Pleads Not Guilty, looking at 45 years
Defense spending gets a verbal overhaul

July 7th
Use Social Media to be a Better Communicator and Person
Recession Imminent? What is the Yeild Curve?
10 Dirty Secrets From Your Supermarket Produce Department
Hollywood's Manufactured Racial Madness


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