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Sunday December 29th
Matthew Wojtecki, anarchist, author of Brushfire: A Thriller Novel (published by Liberty Under Attack Publications) will tell us about his book and his own anarchist adventures.

Sunday December 22nd
My planned guest couldn't make it so I wreck the cruiser and don't take pictures. And then I talk a lot about the luciferians and cults.

Sunday December 15th
Bretigne Shaffer, anarchist, author of Annabel Pickering and The Sky Pirates The Fantastical Contraption, is my guest.

Sunday December 8th
Karen Keener, mother, anarchist, nobody really. She authored a book called Autobiography of a Nobody: From Floundering to Freedom. We'll talk about it.

Sunday December 1st
Shane Radliff, Anarchist, Author, co-host of the Vonu Podcast, founder of Liberty Under Attack Publications, is my guest on the show. We'll talk about his work, how to get your work published with LUAP


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