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Dear Agorist There Is No Such Thing as Counter Economics

By Michael Storm 23OCT20
A3 Agorism, Anarchy, Action
"A3 Agorism, Anarchy, Action" -Uncredited

That is correct dear Agorist, there is no such thing as counter economics. Counter Economics is a meaningless wordplay used by people who do not understand what economics is. That is the crux of the problem is it not? Agorists do not understand economics so they come up with a turn of phrase that means to represent the opposite of economic activity.

Why Am I Picking on Agorists?

Simply put, I am “picking” on Agorists because they are the people who keep repeating this meaningless wordplay to my face. It is not so much the repeating as the failure, when challenged to, to define counter economics in any way that does not include economic activity. They cannot, it is not possible.

Let us be fair. I am talking about the modern-day Anarcho-Agorist many of whom are formerly leftists politically. The ideology itself was put together by a leftist from already existing ideologies while not being significantly different from any of them. Anarchism and classic liberalism basically. But, all with a left twist. They bring with them from their progressivist upbringing a host of economic fallacy from a hatred of capitalism and corporations to a complete misunderstanding of what money is and how it works. Their economic baggage has hindered their understanding of even the underlying notions they espouse for themselves. Isn’t counter economics just a leftist euphemism for anti-capitalism?

What is Agorism?

Agorism is “a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter economics, engaging with aspects of peaceful revolution.” Complete word salad. Seriously that combination of words is entirely meaningless and without context, but it is the definition. The part about voluntary exchange is perfectly clear and needs no qualifier unless you mean to purposely state that all other exchanges and models of them are necessarily involuntary. They are not.

When I challenge an Agorist to define counter economics they immediately answer, without fail, “shopping in Black and Gray Markets”. I have no problem with those either. I do as much of my business there as possible. But Black and Gray Markets are functions of economics not an antithesis to it. Black and Gray Markets are an answer to third party interference in the transaction and the valuation of and type of currency used to make the exchange.

What is Economics?

Economics is the science of understanding human actions. The actions humans take to fulfill personal wants and needs. Money or Currency preference, Market Type and Location, objective AND subjective valuation, are all subsets of economic functions that occur in ALL human interactions, even those that do not involve a literal exchange.

Economics is time. Time is the one commodity we all have, but we do not know how much we have in total. Every conversation we have with another person is an economic exchange. We will place a personal valuation on the currency of our time in order to spend more of that time with people or doing things we find pleasing or important. For instance, we all know people who waste our time. They may be good people overall, but we have better things to do with our time so we avoid getting sucked I to their time killing. All human interactions are functional economic science. The balance of return on investment.

So, what is the Take-Away?

Economics is not capitalism. Capitalism is a function of economics. Economics is not state manipulated central currency. Currency is a fact of economics, a tool to facilitate exchange, that is why the state manipulates it, replaces it, destroys competition. The state steals real wealth through natural economic functions and tools by forcing you through law to use economic functions and tools that the state controls. That does not mean those functions and tools would not or should not exist in the absence of the state.

Do not hate me for speaking economic truth. Instead please realize that the agorist is not practicing true voluntary, free markets if they would deny others any of the tools that enable the individual to be the head maker of their own economic decisions. Denying human action, nature, the tools and functions we use to do business with each other, is to give those who know them, to be factual and real, more control over the economy and you.

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