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Toward Anarchy Archive September 2020

Archive / 2020

September 6th
I meet a new friend today and have one of my favorite conversations when Chuk Lee joins me to talk Tech. Chuk has been building and selling computers for years with an emphasis on security!

September 13th
Doctor Keith Smith is head of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma he joins me for a conversation about Free Markets and the surgery center's open pricing model for medical services and it's changing the face of healthcare.

September 20th
Chris Hall is a Former L.A. Gang Member turned Gang Prevention Consultant and he's also a Voluntarist!

September 27th
Aria DiMezzo joins me for a special mid-week edition of Toward Anarchy. Aria is a Transgender Satanist Anarchist and she is GOP Candidate for Sheriff in Cheshire County Hew Hampshire.

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