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Toward Anarchy Archive May 2020

Archive / 2020

May 31st George Floyd
One of 400 or so people dead this year at the hands of killer cops. Now cities across the nation are on fire and chaos has taken the streets. Some fly the black flag, call themselves anarchists. I call bullshit.
Police Infiltration of Political Groups and Protests.
Become a Covid-19 Contact Tracer Today, Starts at Like Thirty Bucks an Hour!

May 24th Johnny Hurley
is my friend and guest. We'll catch up, talk about our activism days and with contact tracing now in the public vernacular, we'll delve in to a conversation about technology and security.
Microsoft Remote Work and Learning Resource Center.
Why is Kevin James On The Run?

May 17th - Bryon Linzie
a close Childhood friend is my guest. We catch up and that means a discussion that includes our understanding of The Strawman, The TIN Man, The Wizard of OZ.
Facebook Names 20 Person Supreme Court for Content, Moderation and Disputes.
'Earn It' Bill Yet Another Attempt by Government to Control Internet Speech.

May 10th - Joi Flores
is my guest for a conversation about decentralizing our food supply chain. We'll talk about his App that connects buyers and sellers of food.
Michael Snyder shows us 18 Signs Say That We Are In For A Record Breaking Economic Implosion.
Yes, Dr. Fauci And Millions of American Tax Dollars Were Testing Coronavirus on Bats in Wuhan.

May 3rd - Ramsey Denison
is my guest for a conversation about his new Documentary "Money Machine" about the Vegas Mass Shooting and "What Happened In Vegas" and the corruption of LVMPD.
Some are Taking Lock-down Restrictions Too Far, You Can and Should be Going Outside.
"Militia" and "Extremist", "Boogaloo" Pages Experience Huge Growth During Cornoavirus Plandemic.


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