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Toward Anarchy March 22nd

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Robert Long is a good friend and my guest. He's also the man behind Custom Carves amazing wood work and so much more. We'll catch up and talk about all the neat things he creates.

Custom Carves on FaceBook.

Support Custom Carves use codeword ANARCHY in the store.


Authoritarian Governments are NOT Better at Handling Crisis.

Disney Donates Food to Local Communities.


Anarchy in Quotations

“Democracy... Hah! There's a laugh. They pretend that it works -- pretend that the voice of the people, spoken through its elected representatives will be heard. Trash! The world is run by elites -- bankers, the military, government agencies. Criminals all. They prey like vampires on their victims.” ― DC Comics Anarky

Anarchy in Pictures

Problem Reaction Solution


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