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June 28th
Bradley Thomas is my guest, he's behind and a body of liberatrian/anarchist/voluntarist work that speaks for itself. He recently penned a piece on The State's role in something that is apparently a topic of some concern, Racism.

June 21st
This week has me fed up with people, oh and President Trump signed an Executive Order this week regarding police and policing. I think this is an open door to something a lot of people including myself said was coming, a Federalizing of Police.

June 14th
Last minute guest cancellation leaves me solo today and just as well. There is plenty to talk about. Like committing to ideas and things you can't or won't follow through on. People do it all the time; they say one thing knowing full well as they are saying it, that they have no intention, no ability, no will, to follow through.

June 7th
Danny Panzella is a friend, a fellow anarchist and activist. He joins me this week to talk about George Floyd, Protesting, Racism, and Killer Cops. We'll catch up on the amazing work he and his wife are doing on Sovereign in the City and their new Podcast Sovereign Lovestream.

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