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Vaccination Laws and Our Technocratic Medical Tyranny

by Michael Storm
This is the promise of a technocratic medical tyranny in a dystopian very near future. A future devoid of a political ally for the individual. This is NOT a partisan issue.

Dear Agorist There Is No Such Thing as Counter Economics

by Michael Storm
Do not hate me, Agorist, for speaking economic truth. Instead please realize that you are not practicing true voluntary, free markets if you would deny others any of the tools that enable the individual to be the head maker of their own economic decisions.

INTERVIEW: Moving Toward Anarchy

by Michael Howell
Right now, you are thinking I have lost my mind in considering this country was founded on the ideas of teenagers and adults alike, smashing windows and causing chaos, right? Well, you don’t understand real anarchy then.

On the Question of Courts and Justice in Anarchy

by Michael Storm
On the question of courts and justice in anarchy, anyone who knows how they work now should know there would be no substantial legal difference.

Rights of People and Citizens: Crossing Borders

by Michael Storm
The Constitution does not presume to stop people from living freely under its protections. If our protected rights are natural, they belong to all people not just citizens.

Private Property Rights, Show the Receipt and Stop Being a Jerk

by Michael Storm
I hate it. I’m with you. It’s just obnoxious. But the fact is, it’s not without merit and when on private property your options are, comply or leave.

What is Bitcoin, Money, Currency, or Something Else?

by Michael Storm
I answer the question that keeps nagging even economically smart people. What is Bitcoin?

Abolish Policing End the Practice of Creating Criminals

by Michael Storm
The law is a few things most of us recognize as bad and wouldn’t otherwise do.

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